CLMS Explores Civil Rights

Chestnut Log Middle Explores Civil Rights History
Posted on 01/09/2024
CLMS students visited the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.Scholars at Chestnut Log Middle School recently embarked on a historical journey at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. Eighth grade students explored American and international documentation along with artifacts of many human rights movements throughout history.

Ms. Matthews, Social Studies teacher at Chestnut Log suggests these relics and reflections are important for students to connect with a critical time in local and world history. “The students enjoyed seeing exhibits of people and events we’ve studied in both their 7th and and 8th grade classes,” she said.

Several of the historical exhibits detailed experiences and actions of individuals during the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, references to Mahatma Gandhi and India's Independence movement sparked enthusiasm among students as they recognized their huge impact on American Civil Rights leaders such as Dr. King and the Reverend Jim Lawson. Students were captivated by the history showcased at the museum and connected it to their ongoing discussions in Georgia Studies class.

The young scholars engaged in learning about international dictators and the leaders who fought against injustices around the world. Furthermore, they listened to the words of citizens who fought for justice and watched a video describing the freedom riders efforts to end segregation on public bus transport.

The lunch counter interactive was perhaps the most impactful experience. Students learned about the sit-ins of the 1960s, but to see, hear, and feel even a part of what people went through, it really made the lessons come alive,” said Matthews. CLMS students engage in learning about Civil Rights.
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