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Mr. Eric Collins

Director of Student Discipline


The purpose of the Douglas County School System's Discipline Code is to provide students with a safe environment that is conducive learning. It provides students and parents with uniform administrative and disciplinary procedures in the local schools.

These rules are designed to notify students as to the types and range of behavior expectations. Student disciplinary infractions are categories into three levels. The level one offenses are less severe, and level three offenses are the most severe. Every specific variation of conduct may not have been included. Consequently, students should expect to be disciplined for misconduct that is so obviously inappropriate, particularly in light of societal expectations and the scope of these expectations that a specific expectation need not be written for every conceivable variation of behavior that directly affects the orderly mission of the school.

Local school administrators have broad discretion to determine consequences for student misconduct at the local school level. The range of consequences for misconduct that can be assigned by a local school administrator may include without limitation, warnings, student conference, parent conference, before or after school detention, in-school suspension, Saturday School, and up to 10 days of out-of-school suspension per incident.  For disciplinary infractions where a student could receive a suspension longer than 10 days, the student may be referred for a student disciplinary tribunal hearing which may result in long-term suspension or expulsion and, depending upon the severity of the offense, law enforcement officials may be contacted.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to inform their children that certain acts of misconduct could result in legal charges. Please explain to your student(s) that for certain acts of underage sexual conduct and other crimes, a minor may be tried as an adult. It is the responsibility of the student and the student's parents/guardians to demonstrate behavior that is appropriate at all times.

The full discipline code can be found in the Student Handbook and at the Douglas County School System website: Please review this information with your student to reinforce the need for appropriate behavior.

Safety Tip Line
Students and parents can use the following link to help the school district and its law enforcement agency to proactively address issues that pose a threat to health or safety of others in the school. There is also a mobile version of the application that students can download and report information to assist DCSS and DCSPD.[email protected]



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