Drug Testing

The Douglas County School System has implemented random drug testing of high school students. Any students participating in privileged activities will be subject to random drug testing at any point during the school year. Privileged activities include but are not limited to any interscholastic activity, such as sports, any interscholastic extracurricular activity, such as band or clubs, and student parking on campus. In short, any student involved in any extracurricular activity will be subject to random drug testing.

For the past eight years, testing has been conducted at all high schools on a random basis. An independent lab conducts all tests in the presence of a school administrator. Students are selected using a computer generated random numbering system provided by the independent lab. A student's refusal to test is treated as a positive test result. The tests measure the following drugs: marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and opiates. The test results are instant, with the exception of steroids. Any positive results are forwarded to a Medical Review Officer who will determine through an interview with the parents or guardian if there is a valid medical reason for the drug to be in the student's system. The final result of the findings will be sent back to the school administrator, who will notify the student and parents of the results and consequences.

Consequences of positive results range from a twenty five day suspension to permanent suspension from activity or privilege.

1st offense - 25 day suspension from privilege

2nd offense - 1 year suspension from privilege

3rd offense - Permanent suspension from privilege

Before returning to the privileged activity, the student must submit to another drug test paid for by the student. Any positive results at the time of the follow up test will be considered the student's second positive drug test result. (A copy of the official policy can be found in the student handbook and on the Douglas County School System web site)

A safe and effective learning environment is paramount to the success of students. Drug use and abuse are detrimental to the physical, emotional and mental well being of students. Drug abuse seriously interferes with the academic and athletic performance of students and creates an unhealthy learning environment. The Random Drug Testing Program will have a positive effect on our schools, community and students by serving as a deterrent and offering assistance to students who have drug issues. An important element of the program is the availability of student/parent counseling for any student who may test positive and desire intervention. The Youth Against Violence program is an education program for at risk students supported by the Douglasville City Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Department. Students testing positive will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Youth Against Violence program.

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