Health Matters

Healthy Children Learn Better

Your child's health and safety is always important to us at the Douglas County School System (DCSS). We recognize the unique relationship between healthy students and quality learning. Our school system employs seven full-time Registered Nurses (RN's) to help provide oversight for all health related issues within the schools. In addition, each school has a designated "health monitor" who assumes day-to-day management of health related issues within their school. The health monitor is an unlicensed employee who is trained in basic first aid and medication administration.

If your child has a chronic medical illness or condition which may require treatment or monitoring at school (diabetes, seizures, severe asthma, sickle cell disease, etc.) please inform your school's health monitor. They will arrange an appointment with one of our school RN's to assist in developing a care guide for your student.

You have been asked to complete a health information form for your child. Please insure you complete this form and return it to school as soon as possible. This form provides us with valuable information should your child become ill and/or injured while at school. Please remember that in many cases, those "alternate" phone numbers we ask for are very important should we not be able to reach you during the school day.

The student handbook, which is posted on all schools websites, also contains valuable information regarding medication administration at school. While we assist with administering medication to those students who must receive them during school hours, we must have the appropriate permission forms completed. We recognize it is one more "form" to have completed, but for safety reasons, we kindly ask your cooperation in this matter.

As the school year begins, we have many students who suffer from asthma symptoms at school. If your child has asthma, please review with him or her appropriate asthma management, to include taking preventive medications at home as prescribed by their doctor. We encourage our students with asthma to keep a rescue inhaler with them at all times, even during school (with appropriate permission form completed).

While we like to see students healthy and attending school regularly, we recognize that at times it may be more appropriate for students to remain home when they are ill. If your student has a fever, as well as other signs of illness such as nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, coughing, aches, congestion, fatigue, unexplained rashes, etc. it may be more appropriate for them not to return to school until the signs/symptoms of illness have resolved.

Communication with school personnel is very important if there are health related issues that could impact your child's education. Please feel free to share any of these concerns with school staff. Your child's education, as well as their health and safety, is always a priority with us.

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