Generations Unite to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Generations Unite to Celebrate Grandparents Day at DCSS
Posted on 09/15/2023
Chapel Hill Elementary Hosts Breakfast and Books for Grandparents Day

Grandparents play a significant role in a child’s life, and the Douglas County School System embraces the opportunity to show gratitude and respect for all of their invaluable contributions. Chapel Hill Elementary along with several other DCSS schools created memories that span generations as they hosted hundreds of grandparents for their special day.     

The front lobby, media center and cafe of CHES were overflowing with nearly 350 jovial grandparents and grandfriends (family friends who serve as grandparents) as they gathered to celebrate the memorable occassion. Chapel Hill Elementary School Principal K’Asha Davis said the anticipation was palpable as the CHES Cheetahs eagerly awaited to welcome their adored elders.

The exciting day kicked off with a school library tour where Chapel Hill hosted theirCHES Grandparents book fair sponsored by Scholastics and organized by Media Specialist, Cameron Sheldon.  According to Davis, “Grandparents were visibly moved as they watched their grandchildren’s eyes light up with excitement while selecting interesting books to read. In a matter of an hour, we raised nearly $4,500 to support with updating the publishing year of the text available in the media center,” she added.   
Families flocked to the photo booth to capture cherished memories of the day, preserving the love and joy shared during this special event. PTA members provided families with a full breakfast as they engaged with their grandchildren in the cafeteria. 

Davis was very impressed with the overall turnout of the event. “Grandparents' Day at our elementary school was a resounding success. It served as a beautiful reminder of the profound impact grandparents have on their grandchildren's lives. The day was about celebrating the love, wisdom, and enduring connections between generations. It left a lasting impression on our school community, reminding us all of the importance of family bonds that stand the test of time.”

North Douglas Hosts Grandparents Lunch

North Douglas Elementary hosted several grandparents, fellow church members,
NDES Grandparents and community leaders for lunch as they came out in droves to support their stingrays. “We had many people that are "Grand" in our students' lives take time out of their day to have lunch with their Stingrays, " said NDES Media Specialist, Katie Henry. It was a great reminder to students how special they a
re to their grandparents as well as their community,” she said. 

Douglas County Senior Services Offers Support to Grandparents

In the heart of the Douglas County community, a group of unsung heroes exists quietly dedicating their lives to nurturing and raising students - not as parents, but as grandparents. These remarkable individuals face several unique challenges acting as caretakers for students, and Douglas County’s Senior Services have finally found a way to offer them the support they deserve. 

But thanks to a grant, the department is able to sponsor support groups for grandparents who are supporting the next generation by raising students. 

“We schedule groups for the individual and for the whole group so that it can be interactive and grandparents can learn strategies to cope with the stress of raising children and students,” said Cherri Griffith of Douglas County Senior Services. 

Senior Services Grandparents Support GroupFor parents raising grandchildren, the journey can be both rewarding and demanding. With these support groups, Griffith says that she hopes to see grandparents find an outlet for the stress they feel as well as learn strategies to cope with the tensions that parenting can bring. 

“We want to show them that they are important and that self-care is important, because we can’t care for others if we’re not well ourselves,” said Griffith. “We also know that children are sponges, meaning that they will react as their caregivers do. So that makes it equally important to give them resources to get through things more easily.”

Along with providing information and resources, the support groups also strive to show appreciation to participants. One way they have done this in the past is by bringing in massage therapists to provide massages to say thanks for all the work that they have done. 

The support groups have been gaining in popularity, said Griffith, as she and her team are still working to recruit members by educating them about the benefits of the groups. However, regular attendees have provided great feedback from the sessions, saying that they have not only provided valuable resources but also a sense of community and understanding. 

“We’ve had so many great responses from the attendees. We met a lady who is an angel and she’s caring for a special needs child who isn’t related to her,” said Kellie Clark of Douglas County Senior Services. “ All of our grandparents are angels, and the fact that they’re doing the job of raising students twice is so commendable. They deserve so much more than they’re being given, and anything to help them take a step toward making their lives better helps them and the students they are raising.”

To learn more about the program, contact Douglas County Senior Services at 770-489-3106 and ask for more information about the Kinship GRAND Program. 
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