Superintendent's Letter

Superintendent's Letter
Posted on 11/10/2021
Dear Families:

It's been weeks since the Braves big win, but the sweet feeling of victory hasn't worn off. Watching our hometown team capture the World Series title is a moment of pride I'll never forget. 

Everyone on the team brought their best that evening. But Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman's powerhouse performance helped win the team the World Series. 

Freeman inspired generations of baseball fans, including me, for many reasons. Like many high-performing athletes, his winning playbook began long before the big game day. For him, every day was game day. 

Freeman had a vision. He knew what his team was capable of accomplishing. He knew what it took to get there and worked with his team to put plans into action. That winning strategy helped launch his team to their first World Series win since 1995. 

The Douglas County School System is also on a journey to win. Our final goal may not be a World Series title, but we are still just as passionate about winning. Being a winner means we have prepared students for personal and professional success. 

Once again this year, I've seen students make tremendous strides in these areas. They've achieved the unthinkable. They have tackled learning in yet another challenging year. But once again, students have given their best and treated each school day like game day. Their optimism and resilience inspire me every day of the year. 

Their passion for winning inspires the Douglas County Board of Education to set even higher goals. Board members relentlessly pursue new ways to improve our school system. They've committed to ensuring every student has access to a high-quality education. 

With their guidance and the input of others, we're improving how we serve students. For example, feedback from global accrediting agency COGNIA has significantly impacted our self-improvement plan. Their insight illuminates our areas of strength and identifies growth opportunities. 

We can't improve how we serve our students without input from you. Our school improvement process is not complete without feedback from the people in our community invested in our students. We value and seek input from parents, educators, students and the community about what matters most in educating our children. Each day we look to all these sources for new ways to activate the academic potential in each student. Just as a good coach gives positive and negative feedback, your honest responses help us maintain our commitment to continuous improvement.

Self-improvement is vital to the success of our school system. It's ingrained in our strategic plan. By staying focused on our long-term goals and the improvement process, we guarantee that each of our students will win. When our students succeed, we all win. 

Like the Atlanta Braves, we must stay focused on winning. It takes vision, planning, hard work, teamwork, and dedication. But with this winning mindset, every student will soar and advance in their goals. 

- Superintendent Trent North
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