CHMS French Club

CHMS French Club Learns New Game at First Meeting
Posted on 09/26/2022
For the first meeting of the French Club at Chapel Hill Middle School, 7th and 8th grade students learned about the French version of hopscotch, Escargot. Named after its snail shell-like pattern, Escargot--or "Snail" in English--is played similarly to how hopscotch is played in the United States, but with extra rules. 

Students have to hop on one foot all the way to the center of the snail shell and hop all the way out without stepping outside the lines. If they succeed, then they write their initials in any square of their choosing to claim it as theirs, and now other players have to jump over that square during their turn. 

Soon, the game board is covered with the initials of players in the squares and it becomes very difficult to hop to the center. It's more complicated than our hopscotch, but the students had fun!
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