West Metro Foreign Language Contest

DCHS Hosts 24th West Metro Foreign Language Contest
Posted on 05/09/2022

It was with a feeling of satisfaction and success that students, parents and Foreign Language teachers filled the Douglas County High School new gym April 30th after a memorable Foreign Language contest. West Metro had just registered its 24th session. The most awaited and celebrated event in the Douglas County World Language held all its promises. No matter the odds, West Metro, which is a DCSS signature event, takes place. Even in the heights of the pandemic, it was done virtually.

Each year, Foreign Language students from all Middle and High Schools convene to DC High School where they are individually engaged in a five-minute solid interview in the target language. Judges rate their performances and they are awarded either a good, an excellent or a superior ribbon. Great opportunity for kids to showcase and to exercise their language skills out of their own schools. It is and has always been a positive experience that impacts kids deeply.

The cherry on the cake is the award ceremony. Nothing can beat the smile on the face of the little one who strides across the gym floor to get a ribbon, no matter the color. The thunderous applause crowns the sense of accomplishment in the mini Molière and Cervantes as they get back to their seats. Then come the “family” pictures. The Gym floor is sprinkled with little groups here and there to immortalize the moment. Au revoir y adios West Metro! See you next year!

This year couldn’t have been a success without the contribution of the following teachers: Nina Lewis ,Esther Aligbe, David Wilkerson, Jaime Becker, Esther Aligbe, Yovana Chong, Desieu Tabue, Rebecca Sundberg, Amy Cole, Mark Henson, Whitney Dubrulle, Angeliki Lekkou, John Green, William Crews, Delaney Waites, Itzary Franco, Julia Rice, Mira Douglas,  Giannina Gotuzzo, Steven Schwedel, Jamey Crawford, Corinne Barnes, Luis Mercado

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