ASES Math Race Cars

ASES Students Racing to Master Fractions
Posted on 04/01/2022
Third graders at Arbor Station Elementary participated in a room transformation all about learning fractions on a number line. The “Gilliam 500: Math-Car Race” was designed with 10 learning stations for the students to practice their fractions on number lines. 

When they walked into the classroom, the room was transformed into a NASCAR-themed event, designed by third grade teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Gilliam. The students had to move around the classroom, just like a race track and had different stops they had to make to “keep their energy up.” 

At each location, they solved two challenge problems with their partners. The problems centered on identifying fractions on a number line and solving word problems that involved fractions and using a number line to solve the equation. 

“Every now and then, I would call a ‘pit stop’ where they would have to come off of the track to come find me to solve some review problems.” This was me “fixing” their cars and giving them a tune up and once they got all the problems right, they were able to get back on the track and continue the activity," Gilliam said. Students working on the Gilliam 500

The students had a great time showing their understanding of fractions and maybe a new love for racing!
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