DSES Data Day

Crunching the Numbers: Data Day Benefits DSES Students, Teachers
Posted on 09/13/2021
Coming back from a holiday can be difficult for some students and teachers, but that wasn’t the case for those at Dorsett Shoals Elementary School (DSES) on Tuesday. 

Inside the building, teachers had decorated their doorways and classrooms, while music played at the bus ramp and car drop off line to welcome students in for the first DSES Data Day. 

The idea for Data Day was born in January, when DSES Instructional Lead Teacher Lauren Cook met with grade level teams and learned that both teachers and students were having some trouble making the most of their STAR test results.

“Last January, we met with our grade level teams, and it was apparent that when students take the STAR, which is a universal screener we use in Douglas County, the results aren’t what they’re used to and they don’t know what they mean,” said Cook. “And since we take the test two to three to four times per year, we want to make it worthwhile and get all we can out of it.”

On the Data Days, teachers decorate their classrooms and dress in DSES spirit wear, while students focus on understanding their test results and setting goals for the upcoming test. 

“Our goal is to really get students excited for the tests to show what they know,” Cook said. “For a lot of students, we’ll track their results on a graph or chart so they can see the progress they’ve made. Seeing those results that way helps them see the progress they’ve made and set goals for individual growth.”

For younger students who don’t take the standardized assessments, they focus on sight word recognition and other lessons that align with their standards. 

DSES Data Day
All students also sign a poster in the school indicating their pledge to work hard to reach their goals. When results come in at the end of each data period, students are rewarded for meeting their goals, and they earn the distinction of being a Goal Getter for their hard work. 

And at the end of school, students who achieved Goal Getter status are invited to the Goal Gala to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the school year. 

“We’re really excited to be doing Data Days,” said Cook, “because it sets aside time to allow students to talk about their goals while also getting to celebrate and reflect on their progress throughout the year.”
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