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Hope, Achievement, Victory, Encouragement, Nobility

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 Justin Fitzgerald

GNETS Coordinator



Hope- to have a fervent aspiration

Achievement-something completed successfully

Victory-act of conquering

Encouragement-to impart strength and confidence

Nobility-being on a high intellectual or moral level

A HAVEN is defined as being an institution that provides care and shelter and protects from danger.


H.A.V.E.N. Academy is part of the Georgia Network of Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS), comprised of 24 programs statewide that support students with special needs.

 Douglas County locations are Mason Creek Elementary, Mason Creek Middle and Alexander High School.

 All students are provided services that fit their specific needs, through an Individual Educational Program (IEP) and with the goal of successful reintegration classes with the least restrictive environment. These needs are met by teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors and a social worker who provide communication, social and academic skills to achieve these goals.




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