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Foreign Language
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Corinne Barnes, Director


Rationale for 6-12 Foreign Language Program


  • Fluency in a foreign language is a basic life skill that Georgia children need in order to compete in the global marketplace.
  • 4 out of 5 jobs created in the United States are created from foreign trade.
  • The United States needs citizens who can speak another language in order to maintain our national security and our economic competitiveness.
  • In addition, foreign language study has consistently been shown to increase students' performances in other disciplines, such as math, reading and language arts.
  • Children who have studied a foreign language in elementary schools achieve higher scores on standardized tests of reading, language arts and math.


World Language Pathway: a World Language Pathway may be followed in any of the world language areas included in the state list of approved courses.  A student had completed a World Language Pathway when the criteria described below have been met.

  1. Student graduated, AND
  2.  Student's course history in one world Language includes 3 district high school course codes OR includes at least 2 distinct Course Codes plus a third code reflecting an AP* course, where AP courses are offered (60.017, French; 60.077, Spanish; 60.078, Spanish Lit; 61.017, German; 61.047, Latin; 62.0196, Chinese; 63.039. Japanese); or a third code reflecting an IB* course, where courses are offered (French, 60.01120, 60.01130; Spanish, 60.07130, 60.07160; German, 61.01120, 61.01130; Latin, 61.04120, 61.04130; Chinese, 62.01900, 62.01910; Japanese, 62.03920, 62.03930; Arabic, 63.10700, 63.01800;) or one post-secondary enrollment course code in the same World Language reflecting a third course at the college level.

    *AP, IB and dual enrollment courses must have earned credit


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