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Student Support Teams (SST)

There are student Support Teams for all levels

Student Support Team (SST) is a student-centered, problem-solving process used to address learning and/or behavior problems of students in grades K-12.  SST is required in every Georgia school. SST works to develop a plan that includes interventions to assist students in performing successfully in school. The effectiveness of the interventions is reviewed at least annually and revised as needed.  SST members may include an administrator, counselor, classroom teacher, social worker, and other appropriate staff.  Parents or guardians shall be invited to participate in all meetings of their child's SST and in the development of a plan for their child.  Please note that parental permission is not required for the SST to meet, to discuss, or to observe a student, nor is permission required for the implementation of the SST interventions. Parent permission is required should the SST recommend any type of screening or assessment above what is completed with all students.  SST is not a part of special education; however, a student monitored by SST may be referred for a special education evaluation after reasonable classroom interventions have been carefully implemented without producing adequate progress or success, or if the cause of the problem is suspected to be a disability.

For further information regarding SST please contact:

  1. Your local school administration
  2. Douglas County SST Coordinator - 770-651-2000
  3. Georgia Department of Education - Student Support Services
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