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Teacher Certification Renewal Process
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Renewal Requirements FAQ




By December 2017, the Human Resources Department will email teachers with complete instructions/forms for the certificate renewal process.   Send all completed Recertification Packets to Dr. Kim Johnson in Human Resources. NO FEE REQUIRED. INCOMPLETE PACKETS WILL BE RETURNED.




  • Certification_Update_Application  (certified employees) or CLAIMS Application (Classified Employees)(be sure to include your email address and sign and date your form); and, 
  • Verification of Lawful Presence Affidavit - (a one-time form required this year- this form must be notarized and a copy of your driver's license or other valid document must be included). If you have submitted a VLP for any other transaction, you are not required to complete another one. Check your “MyPSC” account to verify completion; and,
  • Criminal Background Check Consent Form - (be sure to have completed Consent Form notarized for a criminal background check); and,
  • Fingerprint/Criminal Background Check Affirmation Form: Certified and Classified; and,
  • Complete Professional Learning Goals or Professional Learning Plans - Provide documentation showing that a Professional Learning Goal or Professional Learn Plan have been established and the educator is making adequate progress toward meeting the goals/plans; and,
  • Completion of any outstanding Georgia Special Requirements that were outlined when initial certification was issued


An educator who has received any combination of 2 Unsatisfactory, Ineffective, or Needs Development annual performance evaluations in the previous 5-year certificate validity period may not receive a renewable certificate until the performance deficiencies have been satisfactorily remediated.


Upon receipt of a complete Recertification Packet, Human Resources will verify an acceptable criminal background check before applying for renewal with GaPSC. Educators may view/print the renewed certificate by registering/logging in to their MyPSC Account at









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