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Superintendent's Committees


Below is a listing of the Superintendent's Committees with a brief description of the committee's purpose and goals.  Persons interested in additional information or possible participation on any committee should contact the Superintendent's office.

 Common Core Committees (Reading/ELA & Math)

The purpose of the committee is to develop and review curriculum documents, training needs, and teacher support needed in the implementation of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).  The committees are made up of teachers from all grade levels with a minimum of one representative from each school per subject area.

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council is made up of parents and community stakeholders.  The purpose of the Community Advisory Council is to provide for two way communication about greater school district matters between the Superintendent and Council members.  This group meets three times per year.

Diversity Committee

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to make recommendations regarding policies and practices that will further enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of the school system.  The committee is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds representing administrators, teachers, clerical staff, custodial staff, food service staff, parents and community stakeholders.

Grading Committee (Inactive)

The Grading Committee is charged by the Superintendent to analyze grading practices and/or strategies that need to be continued, adopted or eliminated to better support the learning of every student in elementary, middle and high school.  A final report included recommendations to be implemented in the 2014-2015 school year and were finalized in May of 2014.

Principal’s Advisory Committee

The purpose of this committee is to review and establish protocols for the initiatives in the county. This committee is comprised of principals from all levels.

SACS Steering and Facilitators Committees   (Inactive)

The nucleus of the district improvement planning process is the District SACS Steering Committee, comprised of the Superintendent, SACS Coordinator, Standards Committee Leaders, and a parent representative. The steering committee oversees the organizational guidance to provide a focused and aligned systemic reaccreditation process that includes all stakeholders. To further build district-wide capacity for the collection of information and discussion of the reaccreditation process, a group of SACS facilitators representing each school in the District, provide a communication link and act as a resource between the schools and the District.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is chaired by the Coordinator of Safety and consists of stakeholders within the school system and community. The committee meets monthly, or as needed, to discuss issues pertinent to the safety of students and staff. The objectives of the committee are: 1) to provide opportunities for the introduction of any ideas or concerns regarding the safety or health of students and staff; 2) to monitor the work environment in an effort to identify hazards that have the potential to cause injuries or illness and recommend appropriate corrective actions; 3) to participate in and promote safety and health programs; and 4) to provide ideas and suggestions concerning specific matters related to safety.

Scheduling Committee  (Inactive)

The purpose of the Scheduling Committee is to review and discuss feedback from the schools regarding the year-long schedule and to evaluate processes and procedures in the scheduling process. This committee has 40 representatives comprised of one student, one parent, four teachers, and one administrator from each of the high schools plus four central office administrators.  The committee made final recommendations in 2012.

Student Forum

The Superintendent meets with student representatives from each school identified by their principal two times per year. The forum is divided into two groups: elementary students and middle/high school students. The Superintendent shares his agenda topics with the student representatives and seeks feedback from the students and their peers. Topics include technology, testing, school safety, food service, and suggestions for improvement. The Superintendent shares information with the students regarding district initiatives and current events related to the school district so that the students will have a better understanding of the district operations.

Teacher Forum

The Superintendent meets with the Teacher of the Year representative from each school three times per year. The Superintendent shares items with the teachers including budget, legislation, district initiatives, and district reaccreditation. Dr. Pritz seeks input from the teachers and encourages them to seek feedback from their peers.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee began in October 2011 with the charge to involve Douglas County stakeholders in defining the path the district would take in establishing 21st century classrooms and instruction. The 120 member committee developed a vision for the future. Students will have access to and be engaged in the use of a variety of technology tools to increase opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, innovation and research in order to prepare them for post-secondary education and/or the skills of a global workforce. This committee consists of parents, students, teachers, business community, higher education, Department of Education, Board Members and district staff. The committee will be defining professional development, digital resources, and data collection. The committee will identify a new student information system and design curriculum and instruction to include the integration of technology.



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