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2015 SAT Scores Increase for Douglas County Students back button

The College Board’s SAT is a globally recognized college admission test designed to assess academic readiness for college. The SAT keeps pace with what colleges are looking for today and measures skills for success in our world.

Douglas County School System students’ 2015 SAT scores increased seven points while Georgia students’ scores increased five points and the national average dropped seven points.

“We are certainly proud of the gains our students made on the SAT and that our improvement is greater than the state and the nation,” said Douglas County School System Superintendent Dr. Gordon Pritz. “Seeing three consecutive years of improvement in SAT and ACT scores is very encouraging. The work we are doing to better prepare our students to be successful beyond high school is reflected in our 2015 SAT and ACT scores.”

Chief Academic Officer Pam Nail added, “Our overall scores are showing improvement each year with critical reading and writing improving most significantly. While Chapel Hill, Lithia Springs, and New Manchester High Schools made gains in math, our district average score had a 4 point dip. This is an area we will certainly continue to focus on. With the most recent changes to math offerings at the high school level, we are optimistic that classroom instruction will be strengthened and student mastery of standards will be greater.”

According to the College Board website, the 2016 SAT is being redesigned to focus on the few things that evidence show matter most for college and career readiness modeled on the work that students do in challenging high school courses.


Douglas County School System

Ø  Critical Reading – 4 point increase (462 to 466)

Ø  Math – 4 point decrease (450 to 446)

Ø  Writing –7 point increase (439 to 446)

Ø  Total – 7 point increase (1351 to 1358)



Alexander High School

Ø  Critical Reading – 8 point decrease (478 to 470)

Ø  Math – 20 point decrease (469 to 449)

Ø  Writing – no change

Ø  Total – 28 point decrease (1397 to 1369)



Chapel Hill High School

Ø  Critical Reading – 16 point increase (451 to 467)

Ø  Math – 5 point increase (446 to 451)

Ø  Writing – 14 point increase (425 to 439)

Ø  Total – 35 point increase (1322 to 1357)

Chapel Hill High School had the most significant improvement, improving in all areas resulting in a 35 point increase in total score.



Douglas County High School

Ø  Critical Reading – 9 point increase (488 to 497)

Ø  Math – 3 point decrease (475 to 472)

Ø  Writing – 10 point increase (468 to 478)

Ø  Total – 16 point increase (1431 to 1447)



Lithia Springs High School

Ø  Critical Reading – 9 point decrease (450 to 441)

Ø  Math – 1 point increase (426 to 427)

Ø  Writing – 4 point decrease (423 to 419)

Ø  Total – 12 point decrease (1299 to 1287)



New Manchester High School

Ø  Critical Reading – 8 point increase (430 to 438)

Ø  Math – 4 point increase (414 to 418)

Ø  Writing – 12 point increase (410 to 422)

Ø  Total - 24 point increase (1254 to 1278)

New Manchester High School improved in all areas resulting in a 24 point increase in total score.

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