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Douglas County Students Earn Historic Local High Scores on Writing Test back button

The Douglas County School System is proud to announce that our students’ 2014 Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT) scores are the highest they have ever been with 96% of 11th grade first-time test takers meeting or exceeding standards. Students in Douglas County performed on par with students across the state.   

“We are very pleased to see writing scores for Douglas County students rise significantly on the GHSWT, earning the highest level of student achievement on the test since 1995,” said Superintendent Dr. Gordon Pritz. “Our system vision includes building skills for students to become lifelong learners and independent thinkers. The ability to write proficiently is essential for students as they move forward on their educational and career paths. I highly commend this group of students, as well as their teachers, for diligent and successful efforts to concentrate on writing skills.”

Douglas County High showed the greatest increase of 8 percentage points with 98% of students meeting or exceeding standards, while Chapel Hill High increased 7 percentage points with 98% meeting or exceeding standards, Lithia Springs High increased 2 percentage points with 94% meeting or exceeding standards, Alexander High increased 1 percentage point with 97% meeting or exceeding standards, and while New Manchester High showed a 1% decrease, 96% of their students met or exceeded the standards.

“It is encouraging to see our students continue to improve their writing skills. The new assessment system, Georgia Milestones Assessment System or GMAS, requires students to think more critically and be able to defend their thinking through writing,” said Pam Nail, Associate Superintendent. “Writing will continue to be a focus in our schools to not only better prepare our students for the new assessments but to improve their written communication beyond high school.”  

Additionally, each subgroup whose performance was measured – Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, Multi, Students with Disabilities, Female, Male, and English Language Learners (ELL), showed an increase with the exception of Asian and ELL.  Although no increase was seen with these subgroups, 96% of Asian students met or exceeded the standards with 10% exceeding and 100% of English Language Learners met or exceeded the standards.

This year marked the last full administration of the GHSWT. In the future, students’ writing will be assessed through the Georgia Milestones Assessment System.

Georgia high school test takers across the state increased their scores this year, rising from 94 percent in 2013 to 96 percent this year. Additionally, each subgroup in the state whose performance was measured – Asian, black, Hispanic, and white students, along with special-education students and English learners – saw an increase in the percentage of students meeting or exceeding the standards.

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