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Douglas County School System (DCSS) schools have shown substantial progress on their ratings in the Georgia College & Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) released April 21, 2014. The CCRPI is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that will provide college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students. Scores are reported from the state by level only: elementary, middle and high.

“The demand on our teachers and principals with all the accountability measures is greater than ever before,” said Douglas County Superintendent Dr. Gordon Pritz. “To show these kinds of gains with this new accountability instrument is exciting and is a huge tribute to our administrators, teachers, parents and of course, students.”

The overall 2013 DCSS elementary score of 78.1 is up 12.3 points from the 2012 score of 65.8 and is just above the 2013 state score of 77.8. Elementary schools scoring 90 and above: Winston, 93.8; South Douglas, 92.9; Arbor Station, 91.3; and Holly Springs, 91.2.

Middle school overall scoring for 2013 was 73.9, up 1.3 points from the 2012 score of 72.6 and .7 percentage point below the 2013 state score of 74.6. Middle schools scoring 80 and above: Chapel Hill, 89.7; Fairplay, 85.3; and Mason Creek, 80.

The overall 2013 high school score was 70.4, up 3.7 points from 66.7 in 2012 and 1.4 points below the 2013 state score of 71.8. High schools scoring 75 and above: Douglas County, 76.4, and Chapel Hill 75.9.

The overall 2013 DCSS district score is 75.2, up 7.4 points from the 2012 score of 67.8 and .6 percentage point below the 2013 state score of 75.8

“I am pleased with the progress our schools are showing through the CCRPI,” said Pam Nail, Associate Superintendent Student Achievement and Leadership. “Our schools are not only focusing on CRCT and EOCT scores but on strategies that will put our students in a better position to be successful beyond high school. We will continue our focus on improving student achievement and understanding the specifics of the index and how the indicators are calculated so that schools can maximize their opportunities to earn additional points each year.

“Our schools are continuously working to improve student achievement,” Ms. Nail continued. “We have strengthened our instructional practices, emphasized content development in professional learning and continued emphasis on formative assessments. We maintain high expectations for administrators, teachers and students. Our CCRPI scores show that 28 out of 33 schools increased their scores. I expect even higher performance as we gain an understanding of the CCRPI including the indicators and how they are calculated.”

According to the GADOE CCRPI’s value is accountability. It is about giving leaders a roadmap for improvement. It is not about threatening schools. It gives them levers to effect change and a yearly opportunity to measure the pace of change. Every stakeholder in the school has access to data and can play a role in a continually improving success story.

The GADOE is committed to the creation of a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for our state’s schools and educational leaders that will enable all Georgia public school students to be college and career ready. The successful implementation of the CCRPI is highly critical to “Making Education Work for All Georgians.”

Georgia is one of 10 states initially granted a waiver in February 2012 from the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Once granted, Georgia began work on the CCRPI, a new statewide accountability system based on 2012 school year data that was launched as a “study year” in May 2013. Since that first “study year," after receiving valuable feedback from our education partners and the public, DOE staff members have revised and refined the CCRPI to make a more meaningful report. The new CCRPI will be calculated from 2013 data reflecting the new calculation, and the 2012 scores have been recalculated applying the new calculation methodology to the same 2012 data.

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