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A summary of the October 15, 2012 Board of Education meeting follows.

Superintendent’s Spotlight: Lithia Springs Elementary and Turner Middle Schools were recognized at the October 15 Board meeting. Mr. William Marchant was recognized as the Principal of Lithia Springs Elementary and Ms. Debra Snow was recognized as the Assistant Principal. The following students and staff members were recognized based upon the recommendation of the Principal. The Kathy Brock Reading Bowl team was recognized as follows: Ramone Bushby, 4th grade; Kathleen Butler, 5th grade; Paco Elorza-Gonzalez, 4th grade; Mario Ransome, 4th grade; Dominique Saintvil, 4th grade; Ronel Saintvil, 4th grade; Emiliano Uriostegui, 4th grade; and Kensley West, 5th grade. The following students were recognized for earning the distinction as a Student of the Week: Preston Downs, kindergarten; Lauren Malone, 2nd grade; Henry Mancia, kindergarten; Fausto Praiz-Flores, 1st grade; Tavon Sinclair, 4th grade; MacKinzie Vaughn, 4th grade; and MiLia Williams, 5th grade. Mr. Cory Bell, kindergarten teacher, was recognized as Lithia Springs Teacher of the Year. Ms. Sally Luna, Parent Outreach Facilitator, was recognized for her efforts to promote parental engagement.

Mr. Kwame Carr was recognized as the Principal of Turner Middle School and Ms. Sarah Fredenberg and Mr. John Rowe were recognized as the Assistant Principals. Ms. Colleen Deal, former employee at Turner, was recognized for her volunteer efforts. The following students were recognized for their outstanding dedication to being good students and role models to others: Luis Osorio, 6th grade; Reanna Scott, 7th grade; and Oscar Yuriostegui, 8th grade. Mr. Desieu Tabue, French teacher, was recognized as Turner’s Teacher of the Year. The following teachers were recognized for their outstanding dedication to education: Dr. Carol Lobban, language arts teacher and 8th grade chairperson; Priscilla Marshall, social studies teacher and 7th grade chairperson; Thomas Brazil, mathematics teacher and 6th grade chairperson; John David Lewis, Instructional Math Coach; Rueben Pitts, 6th grade social studies teacher; and Ms. Jamie Kennedy, 6th grade math teacher. The following staff members were recognized for their dedication and level of service provided to students, parents and staff on a daily basis: Ms. Canella Cook, office manager; Mr. Wesley Garland, lead custodian; Brenda Shook, cafeteria manager; Alicia Boyard and Kimberly Burdett, school counselors; Susan Wilson, Special Ed Evaluator; and Barbara Lark, Parent Outreach Facilitator.

Consent Agenda: Certified and classified personnel were approved. The Renaming of the football stadium at Lithia Springs High School to the Melvin Crook Stadium was approved. Policy BCBK: Executive Sessions was presented for a second reading and was approved.

Discussion Agenda: The following items were presented for discussion only: Student Achievement and Leadership: District Overview. Click here to view the information presented. and 2) Consultative Services for Special Education Students for Speech Language; Operations: Alexander High School Paving.

Action Agenda: Operations: 1) The Capital Outlay Program Application for FY2014 was approved. 2) Stormwater Drainage Easement at Fairplay Middle School for Dollar General Store was approved.   

Information Only: The following items were presented for information only: A) Over Night/Out of State Field Trips; B) and C) Supportive Special Education and Behavioral Consultation Services Provided By Southern Behavioral Group (SBG).

Present were Board Members Janet Kelley, District III, Chair; Jeff Morris, District V, Vice Chair; D.T. Jackson, District II and Dr. Sam Haskell, District IV. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Gordon Pritz; Associate Superintendent of Student Achievement and Leadership Ms. Pam Nail; Chief Operating Officer Dudley Spruill; Executive Director of Student Services Ms. Renee Davis; Community Relations Director Karen Stroud; and Secretary to the Superintendent Melanie Nicholson.

2012 Voting Sessions of the Douglas County Board of Education:
Regular Board Meeting on November 5, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
Regular Board Meeting on November 12, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

All board meetings of each month will be a regular voting session. Board meetings are called to order at 6:00 p.m., then move immediately into executive session. At 7:00 p.m., the public meeting is reconvened.


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