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Current Vacancies

 As of 4/23/2018

Anticipated vacancies for the 2018-2019 School Year
Elementary School Vacancies

 School Name

 Certified Vacancies   

Annette Winn Elementary

3rd Grade ELA/Reading Teacher

4th Grade ELA/Reading Teacher

 Arbor Station Elementary


 Beulah Elementary

Early Childhood Teacher: Spanish Dual Language Immersion

Early Childhood Education Teacher

Bill Arp Elementary

5th Grade Writing Teacher

 Bright Star Elementary

Early Childnood Education Teacher (2 positions)

Burnett Elementary

5th Grade Teacher

Music Teacher

Early Childhood Education Teacher

 Chapel Hill Elementary

Early Childhood Education Teacher

 Dorsett Shoals Elementary 

2nd Grade Teacher 

4th Grade Teacher

 Eastside Elementary

5th Grade Science Teacher

Factory Shoals Elementary 

Kindergarten Teacher (2 positions)

1st Grade Teacher (2 positions)

2nd Grade Teacher (2 positions)

4th Grade Teacher (Math)

5th Grade Teacher (Social Studies)

Special Education MOID Teacher (3)

Art Teacher

ESOL Teacher

HAVEN - Mason Creek


Holly Springs Elementary

Kindergarten Teacher

Lithia Springs Elementary

Early Childhood Education Teacher

Special Education: IRR

Mason Creek Elementary

Special Education IRR Teacher

1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Math, Science & SS Teacher

Mirror Lake Elementary


Mt. Carmel Elementary

(Contact Mr. Marco Holland)

3rd Grade Teacher

5th Grade Teacher

PE Teacher

 New Manchester Elementary

Music Teacher

Art Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher (2positions)

North Douglas Elementary

Early Childhood Education Teacher

South Douglas Elementary 

Early Childhood Education Teacher

Sweetwater Elementary

4th Grade Teacher: Reading

Winston Elementary



Middle School Vacancies

 School Name

 Certified Vacancies   

Chapel Hill Middle School


 Chestnut Log Middle

Science Teacher

Social Studies/ELA Teacher

Math/Science Teacher

Special Education MOID Teacher

 Factory Shoals Middle

Social Studies/Science Teacher

 Fairplay Middle

ELA Teacher

Math Teacher

 Mason Creek

Special Education: ALP

Autism Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

Language Arts Teacher

 Stewart Middle


 Turner Middle School

Reading Teacher

 Yeager Middle

Special Education: IRR (2 positions)

Science Teacher

ELA Teacher

 Haven Academy (GNETS)


High School Vacancies

 School Name

 Certified Vacancies   

Alexander High

Automotive Service Technology

         Chapel Hill High

PE Teacher/ Football Defensive Coordinator (11-month position)

ELA TEacher (2 positions)

      Douglas County High

Spanish Teacher (.5)

 Lithia Springs High

Science Teacher (2 positions)

Math Teacher

Social Studies Teacher (2 positions)

Computer Science Teacher

School Counselor

Media Specialist

Special Education Teacher: IRR

 New Manchester High

Math Teacher 

Speical Education: IRR Teacher

 PLC/Success Center

High School Math

High School Science

High School Social Studies

High School Language Arts

Middle School Math

Middle School Science

Middle School ELA


 Haven Academy (GNETS)


 CCI (College and Career Institute)


 System Level Positions

 Speech-Language Pathology 

School Psychologist


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