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Folder 21st CCLC Evaluation Documents (7 Files)
Download 2015-2016 Factory Transition Evaluation
Download 2015-2016 Focus Evaluation Report
Download 2015-2016 High Achiever Evaluation Report
Download 2015-2016 Impact Evaluation Report
Download 2015-2016 Lithia Cohort Evaluation Report
Download 2015-2016 STAR Evaluation Report
Download 2015-2016 SUCCESS Club Evaluation Report
Folder Assessment (10 Files)
Download 2014-2015 CCRPI
Download 2015 GMAS Results
Download 2015 Graduation Rate
Download 2015 School Climate Star Ratings
Download 2015-2016 CCRPI
Download 2016 GMAS Results
Download 2016 GRAD Rate
Download DCSS Class of 2016 Score Release
Download SAT 2016 Press Release
Download Testing Calendar 16-17
Folder Athletics (13 Files)
Download AHS BAsketball
Download AHS Wrestling
Download CHHS Basketball
Download CHHS Wrestling
Download DCHS
Download DCHS Wrestling
Download DCHS Wrestling
Download LSHS BAsketball
Download LSHS Wrestling
Download Middle School Basketball
Download NMHS Basketball
Download NMHS Wrestling
Download Swim Schedule
Folder Athletics (2 Files)
Download High School Football Schedules.pdf
Download MS FOOTBALL 2015-2016.pdf
Folder Calendars (8 Files)
Download 2014-2015 Calendar Text Version 5.18.15 Updated.pdf
Download 2014-2015 Calendar Text Version 5.18.15.pdf
Download 2015 2016 Calendar Approved 5.18.15.pdf
Download 2016 2017 for BOE Review June 15 2015 FINAL.pdf
Download 2017 2018 FINAL.pdf
Download BOE Approved 2014 2015 Calendar updated Aug 21 2014.pdf
Download Text Calendar 15-16 Final.pdf
Download Calendar 16-17 as of 2-24-16
Folder Career Planner/Magnet Program Info (2 Files)
Download 2016-17 DCSS Career Pathways v4 FINAL.pdf
Download Magnet_Selection_Process_Chart_with_Dates_2016_-_2017.pdf
Folder CIS (9 Files)
Download ASP scholarship application 13-14.doc
Download Douglas_CHAMPS_2013 (FINAL)[1].pdf
Download Factory Shoals Transition report 2013.pdf
Download Focus report 2013.pdf
Download Mentor Application 13.14.doc
Download FOCUS FY14 Report
Download FY14 Evaluation High Achiever
Download High School FY14 Report
Download Mason Creek FY14 Report
Folder Communique's 2015 and 2016 (44 Files)
Download Communique 1.20.15.pdf
Download Communique 1.5.15.pdf
Download Communique 2.2.15.pdf
Download Communique 2.9.15.pdf
Download Communique 3.16.15.pdf
Download Communique 3.2.15.pdf
Download Communique 4.13.15.pdf
Download Communique 4.20.15.pdf
Download Communique 5.18.15.pdf
Download Communique 5.4.15.pdf
Download Communique 6.1.15.pdf
Download Communique 6.15.15.pdf
Download Communique 7.20.15.pdf
Download Communique 8.3.15.pdf
Download August 17,2015
Download Communique 1-19-16
Download Communique 1-4-16
Download Communique 1-4-16
Download Communique 10-17-16
Download Communique 10-3-16
Download Communique 11-14-16
Download Communique 11-7-16
Download Communique 12-5-16
Download Communique 12-7-15
Download Communique 2-1-16
Download Communique 2-8-16
Download Communique 4-11-16
Download Communique 5-16-16
Download Communique 8-15-16
Download Communique 9-19-16
Download Communique 9-6-16
Download Communique April 18, 2016
Download Communique July 18, 2016
Download Communique June 20, 2016
Download Communique June 6, 2016
Download Communique March 21, 2016
Download Communique March 7, 2016
Download Communique May 2, 2016
Download Communique Nov 16, 2016
Download Communique.10.19.15
Download Communique.11.2.15
Download October 5, 2015
Download September 21, 2015
Download September 8,2015
Folder Community Relations (72 Files)
Download Approval_Letter_Instructions.pdf
Download Douglas_Enrollment_Study_2015_1_Hi-Res.pdf
Download Douglas_Enrollment_Study_2015_Revise.pptx
Download Qualification Phase I on letter head 2016.pdf
Download 10 Year Enrollment Study Presentation
Download 16-17 Emplyee St Transfer 3 pages
Download 16-17 Tentative Budget
Download 2016 CCRPI
Download 2016-17 K registration
Download 2016-2017 Calendar with details
Download 2016-2017 Text Calendar in Table
Download 2017-2018 Calendar
Download 2017-2018 Calendar (Text)
Download 5 year tax digest 2016
Download AP Honor Roll picture
Download AP Presentation 10-2016
Download Arbor Station Family in Need
Download bd logo
Download Bd Policy JBC School Adm
Download Character Coalition Scholarship Application
Download CHHS Principal Named Finalist
Download Communique 8-1-16
Download CVS picture
Download CVS picture 12-15
Download DCSS 2015 Four Year Graduation Rate
Download DCSS Earns Place on AP District Honor Roll
Download Emply St Transfer form 2016-2017
Download ESPLOST voting info without reg info
Download Every Kid in a Park
Download GA Food Finder App
Download GADOE newsletter 12-15
Download GADOE Newsletter 8-16
Download GHP 2016
Download HB 251 app 2016-2017
Download HB 251 article 2016-17
Download HB251 FAQ 2016-2017
Download Hispanic Youth Scholarship
Download kindergarten registration for 16-17
Download Live Healthy Douglas flyer
Download Magnet Program Info 2016
Download Magnet Program PPT 2016
Download Middle School Basketball Schedule 2015-2016
Download Millage Rate Press Release 2016
Download NEOS Scholarship app
Download NEOS Scholarship info
Download Notice of Property Tax Increase
Download P4AD Application 2016
Download PIE form 2016-2017
Download PIE Form 2016-2017
Download Pritz video for SOY app
Download Quality Board Seal
Download recent highlights list
Download Register Now - July 2016
Download Registration Info 2016
Download School Based Health Center
Download School Bus Driver ad
Download Science Standards Fact Sheet
Download Social Studies Standards Fact Sheet
Download Spanish K Reg flyer
Download Spring College and Career Fair
Download State Science Fair 2016
Download swim schedule 2015-2016
Download T4AD Application 2017
Download Teacher 4 A Day app 2016
Download Teacher Recruitment Fair
Download Title I Stakeholder Meeting 2016
Download TOTY 16-17 photo
Download Town Hall Meeting
Download Vendor Meeting Flyer
Download Voting Info Day of Only
Download Website Templates for Schools 4 Choices
Download Zumbathon
Folder Dr. Pritz Annual Review (29 Files)
Download 2014-2015 spotlight schedule Updated.pdf
Download Calendar Letter.pdf
Download Calendar Pritz Letter 2014-2015.pdf
Download CHNV letter.pdf
Download CHNV Pritz Letter 2014-2015.pdf
Download DSCN3009.JPG
Download DSCN3010.JPG
Download DSCN3011.JPG
Download Employee Benefits Guide Letter.pdf
Download Facebook Posts.pdf
Download Letter From Dr. Pritz.pdf
Download Our Snow Heros invitation front panel 02 21 14.pdf
Download Our Snow Heros invitation inside 02 21 14.pdf
Download PET Program Final Print Version.pdf
Download PIE Ad 2015.pdf
Download PIE Ad.pdf
Download Principal 4 a day flyer.jpg
Download Principal 4 a day flyer_2.jpg
Download Program 2015 greyscale.pdf
Download Retirement Program 2014.pdf
Download Snow Hero Sentinel Ad.pdf
Download Superintendent Update Fall 2014 for Announcements November 19.pdf
Download Superintendent Update Spring 2015.pdf
Download Superintendent Update Winter 2015.pdf
Download Teacher 4 A Day 2014.pdf
Download Teacher 4 A Day 2015 info.png
Download TOTY 2014 Program Final.pdf
Download TOTY Program 2013.pdf
Download Twitterinfographic.pdf
Folder Dr. Pritz Annual Review Documents 2016 (17 Files)
Download email from Pritz 12-18-16
Download email Pritz 1-13-16 re legislature and esplost
Download Holiday letter from bd emailed 12-18-16
Download P4AD flyer 2015
Download PET program 2016
Download PIE ad
Download Pritz letter emailed in Oct 2016
Download Pritz letter emailed spring 2016
Download Pritz letter Emp Benefits Guide 2015-2016
Download Pritz letter St-Parent Guide 2015-2016
Download program ret lunch 2016
Download service certif 2015-2016
Download sup letter 2015-2016 calendar
Download T4AD flyer 2016
Download TOTY 2015 program
Download YLD photo Jan 2016
Download YLD photo May 2016
Folder Ebola (1 Files)
Download Anticipated Travel Letter K - 12 FINAL 10 24 2014.pdf
Folder Employee Seld Service Instructions (1 Files)
Download EmployeeSelfServiceInstructions.pdf
Folder Employee Student Transfer Documents (2 Files)
Download 2016-2017 Employee Student Transfer Form
Download Emplyee Student Transfer Documents 3 pages
Folder ESPLOST V (7 Files)
Download ESPLOST button for web page
Download ESPLOST button voting only pdf
Download ESPLOST Detailed article
Download ESPLOST V Button with Voting Info Only
Download ESPLOST V Casey Bethel
Download ESPLOST V Fact Sheet
Download ESPLOST voting information
Folder GCA FAQs (1 Files)
Download Frequently Asked Questions for website_1.pdf
Folder HB251 (1 Files)
Download FORM 2014-15 House Bill 251.pdf
Folder Health Services Coordinators (30 Files)
Download Allergy Action Plan
Download Allergy Cover Letter
Download Allergy Cover Letter Spanish
Download Assistance with Medications Form
Download Asthma Action Plan
Download Asthma basics
Download Asthma Cover Letter
Download Asthma Cover Letter Spanish
Download Asthma Health History Form
Download Authorization to Carry Form
Download Doctors Orders For Emergency Medication
Download Hand Hygiene
Download Hand Hygiene SP
Download Headlice
Download Infection Prevention Flyer
Download Lice Facts
Download Lice Letter
Download Lice Protocol
Download pic4
Download pics1
Download pics2
Download Ringworm
Download School Assignments
Download Seizure Action Plan
Download Seizure Cover Letter
Download Seizure Cover Letter SP
Download Seizure Health History Form
Download Seizures
Download Too sick for school
Download Too sick for school SP
Folder Leading & Learning (17 Files)
Download April 2015.pdf
Download APRIL 6 L&L.pdf
Download August L&L.pdf
Download December 2014.pdf
Download February.pdf
Download JANUARY L&L.pdf
Download January.pdf
Download L&L APRIL 27.pdf
Download March 2015.pdf
Download May.pdf
Download November.pdf
Download November_1.pdf
Download October.pdf
Download September.pdf
Download July 2014
Download March 2014
Download May Leading & Learning
Folder Leading & Learning 2015-2016 (3 Files)
Download Leading & Learning Nov, 2015
Download Leading & Learning Oct, 2015
Download Leading & Learning Sep, 2015
Folder Melanie Nicholson (1 Files)
Download 2016-2017 Area Listing
Folder Move On When Ready Program (1 Files)
Download MOWR_StudentParent_FAQs 07 13 15.pdf
Folder P4AD (3 Files)
Download 2014 Principal 4 A Day Application.pdf
Download Principal 4 a day flyer_1.jpg
Download P4AD 2015
Folder PLC (1 Files)
Download PLC Student Handbook 2016-2017
Folder Procurement 2016 (57 Files)
Download 15-034 Bid Tab
Download 15-037 Food Service Paper Bid Tab
Download 16- HS Field Renovations
Download 16-001 Bulk Motor Oil Bid Tab
Download 16-002 GPS Bid Tab
Download 16-003 Weight Lifting Platforms for CHHS Bid Tab
Download 16-007 Ice Machine LSHS Bid Tab
Download 16-010 White Fleet Maintenance Vehicles Bid Tab
Download 16-016 Cooling Units CHHS & DCHS Bid Tab
Download 16-021 LMS-AMS Proposal Tab
Download 16-023 Bid Tab Graphing Calculators
Download 16-024 Receipt Book Bid Tab
Download 16-025 Miscellaneous Bid Tab
Download 16-026 One Man Lift Bid Tab
Download 16-027 Painting CHHS, DCHS, BAES, FSMS & MCMS
Download 16-028 Cisco Smartnet Renewal Bid Tab
Download 16-029 Paving & Sealing Bid Tab
Download 16-030 Tile at DCHS Bid Tab
Download 16-031 RFP Tabulation
Download 16-031 RFP Tabulation
Download 16-032 New Band Equipment Y4 Bid Tab
Download 16-033 Refurbishment of Existing Band Instruments Addendum
Download 16-034 E-Rate Wireless
Download 16-035 Annual Renewal of Microsoft Premier Support Agreement Bid Tab
Download 16-036 Identity Automation Support Bid Tab
Download 16-039 Student Furniture for CCI Classrooms Bid Tab
Download 16-040 LanSchool
Download 16-041 GEC Produce Produce Score Summary
Download 16-042 Sale of Surplus Technology Score Card
Download 16-043 Bulk Motor Oil
Download 16-044 Bid Tab
Download 16-045 (29) Tray Storage Cubby Bid Tab
Download 16-046 Reception Room Furniture YMS
Download 16-047 Bid Tab Yeager Middle School
Download 17-001 Forklifts
Download 17-002 SWES Media Center Bid Tab
Download 17-003 Bid Tab
Download 17-005 Copy Paper
Download 17-006 Student Science Tables Bid Tab
Download 17-007 Floor Mats Bid Tab
Download 17-008 Student`Teacher Chairs Bid Tab
Download 17-009 Audio Enhancement Bid Tab
Download 17-011 Open Front Student Desks
Download 17-012 Adobe Creative Cloud Bid Tab
Download AHS HVAC Renovations Bid Tab
Download Bid Tab 16-003
Download Bid Tab 16-004 Student Drug Testing
Download Bid Tab 16-005 Recycle/Sale of Waste Oil
Download Bid Tab 16-006 Copy Paper
Download Bid Tab 16-009 Chain Link Fence
Download Bid Tab 16-011 Student Chairs
Download Bid Tab 16-013 Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspections/Maintenance and Vent Hood Inspections
Download Bid Tab 16-014 Gym Floor Refinishing
Download Bid Tab 16-015 Risers
Download Bid Tab 16-017 Adobe Creative
Download Bid Tab 16-020 CHHS Cooling Tower Repair
Download Bid Tab 16-048 Office Furniture for MLES
Folder Random Files (9 Files)
Download Approval Letter Instructions.pdf
Download CHHS AP.pdf
Download DCHS IB.pdf
Download Employee Student Transfers Application.pdf
Download Haskell & Kelley2final.jpg
Download LSHS STEM.pdf
Download Magnet Chart with Dates 2014.pdf
Download MetroRESAFeedbackFlyer.pdf
Download NMHS FAME.pdf
Folder Ruby Byers (2 Files)
Download HB-91 Graduation Petition Form
Download Office 365 for Students
Folder Scholarships (8 Files)
Download Assured Comfort HVAC Scholarship Form.pdf
Download Billie Yancey Memorial Scholarship.pdf
Download Don Remillard Scholarship Fund.pdf
Download Nora McDonald Memorial Scholarship.pdf
Download Professional Athletes Foundation Student Scholarship 2016
Download Univision Scholarship 1
Download Univision Scholarship 2
Download Univision Scholarship 3
Folder Site Files (12 Files)
Download 2014 Kindergarten Round-Up hours.pdf
Download Car Seat Safety Schedule.pdf
Download DCSS Career Pathways 2015-2016.pdf
Download FILLABLE Partner Agreement Form 080814.pdf
Download Poster Contest Entry Form.pdf
Download Poster Contest Press Release.pdf
Download Poster Contest Rules.pdf
Download Register Now to Avoid the Rush June 2014.pdf
Download STAR Student Page 1.pdf
Download STAR Student Page 2.pdf
Download UT - Poster.pdf
Download DCSS Career Pathways 2014-2015
Folder Strategic Plan 2016-2019 (2 Files)
Download Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Download Strategic Plan 2016-2019 One Page
Folder Student Handbooks (6 Files)
Download Elementary Handbook 2015-2016
Download High School Handbook 15-16
Download Middle School Handbook 2015-2016
Download Student Handbook Elementary 2016-2017
Download Student Handbook High 2016-2017
Download Student Handbook Middle 2016-2017
Folder Student Services (1 Files)
Download FORM 2015-16 Employee Student.pdf
Folder Summer Literacy Challenge (4 Files)
Download DCSS Elementary Literacy Activity Log.pdf
Download Elementary Brochure - Grades 1-5 - Every Hero Has a Story.pdf
Download Teen Brochure - Grades 6-12 - Unmask.pdf
Download Teen Literacy Activity Log.pdf
Folder Summer Reading Honors and AP (11 Files)
Download Alexander High School Summer Reading Information
Download CHHS 11th Grade AP Language
Download CHHS 12th Grade AP Literature
Download CHHS 9th-12th Grade Honors
Download Douglas County College and Career Institute (CCI)
Download New Manchester High School AP Language and Composition
Download New Manchester High School AP Literature
Download New Manchester High School Honors 10th Grade Lit
Download New Manchester High School Honors 9th Grade Lit
Download New Manchester High School Honors American Lit
Download New Manchester High School Honors British Lit
Folder Superintendent Information (3 Files)
Download Dr Pritz Holiday Message for Staff.MOV
Download PritzHoliday2.wmv
Download FY15 DCSS Org Chart
Folder T4AD (2 Files)
Download T4AD 2015
Download T4AD 2016
Folder Technology Announcement Files (1 Files)
Download Office 365 for Students.pdf
Folder Title I (12 Files)
Download Acronyms_Terms_Definitions_Abbreviations.pdf
Download 14-15 Parent Post - Issue 1
Download 14-15 Parent Post - Issue 2
Download 14-15 Parent Post - Issue 3
Download 14-15 Parent Post - Issue 4
Download 15-16 Parent Post - Issue 1
Download 15-16 Parent Post - Issue 2
Download 15-16 Parent Post - Issue 3
Download 15-16 Parent Post - Issue 4
Download 16-17 Parent Post - Issue 1
Download Georgia Department of Education Parent Newsletter - Summer 2015 (English)
Download Georgia Department of Education Parent Newsletter - Summer 2015 (Spanish)
Folder Top Workplaces (2 Files)
Download Top Workplaces 1.jpg
Download top workplaces.jpg
Folder Who Does What Documents (1 Files)
Download Who Does What 2016-2017