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School Climate Star Ratings Increase

The 2015 School Climate Star Ratings released by the Georgia Department of Education on June 1 show an increase over 2014 for schools in Douglas County.

Each school earns a rating of 1-5 for school climate which reflects the quality and character of school life and helps determine if a school is on the path to school improvement. For the School Climate Star Rating, a ranking of 5 is excellent; 4 is above average; 3 is average; 2 is below satisfactory; and 1 is unsatisfactory.

The average rating for the 33 schools in Douglas County for 2015 is 3.67, an increase from the average rating in 2014 of 3.21. Sixteen Douglas County schools saw an improvement in their score, 13 schools maintained the same score of 3, 4, or 5, and four schools dropped one point but still earned a score of 3 or 4. Fairplay Middle School earned a score of 5 in 2014 and maintained that top score for 2015.

The School Climate Star Rating is determined using data from surveys given to students, teachers, and parents which measure perceptions of the school climate; student discipline determined by suspension rate; school discipline incidents and student survey responses on use of illegal substances and the prevalence of violence, bullying, and unsafe incidents at school; and the average daily attendance of teachers, administrators, and staff members and the percentage of students with fewer than six unexcused absences.

According to Superintendent Dr. Gordon Pritz, “We are always happy when we see scores move in a positive direction. The climate and culture of a school are important to the success and achievement of our students. Students and teachers who have excellent attendance and who feel safe and positive about their schools are positioned to reach their academic goals.”

For more information about School Climate Star Ratings and for individual school scores, click here.

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