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First Annual Douglas County School System Scholastic Chess Tournament

The First Annual Douglas County School System Scholastic Chess Tournament will be held on Saturday, December 15from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Turner Middle School. All school age children who live in Douglas County are eligible to participate. The tournament will be a five round Swiss style tournament.  This means all players will play all five rounds and no players will be eliminated. Players will play against players with similar records each round. Each win is worth one point and each draw/stalemate is worth one-half point. Rounds will be 45 minutes in length. Students will not be given clocks unless the judge feels like a student is stalling or if players are playing after 35 minutes. At or around the 35 minute mark, remaining games will be given a clock with five minutes left on both sides (totaling 10 minutes).  If a player’s clock runs out of time, that player loses the match and the other player is awarded one point.

There is no need to bring tournament boards. If you have a chess clock, we ask that you bring it. The tournament fee will be used to buy more chess clocks for future chess tournaments.

To keep costs (and pressure) down, this is an unrated tournament.  In the future, we will have rated events. (For more information on rated events, go to Instead, we will have three divisions: Elementary, Middle, and High School. Trophies will be awarded to the top three in each division, and medals will be given for fourth through tenth places. 

Since the tournament will run through lunch, it is expected that parents will provide food for the student.  Pizza and drinks will be available on site for purchase however. If you have any questions, contact James Lynn at 770-651-5514 or email him at

Click the following link for a registration form.

We look forward to seeing you at our inaugural county chess tournament! 

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