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Provide the environments and facilities, which promote the physical, emotional and health needs of students, staff and community involved with the program.

Student Success

Promote student success through skills training to facilitate increased independence. This can be accomplished through continued training of staff in behavior, effective transition planning, role modeling and the provision of opportunities for person growth.


Create and implement curriculum and services that increase awareness and cooperation among staff, administration, central office, outside agencies and parents in order to promote, support and integrate students into general education settings.

Provide an environment which will continually evolve and adapt to the needs of the student including, but not limited to, expanding vocational programs, community based instruction, therapeutic programs, hands-on learning and access to curriculum needs on an equal basis with general education students.

Mutual Respect/Communication

Provide a harmonious, consistent, and supportive educational atmosphere, which addresses mutual respect, communications and acceptance of individuality among students, staff and community.

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