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Douglas County ESOL Newcomer Center
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Students new to the United States and to the English Language are transitioned into Douglas County high schools through a partnership with intensive language development at the Newcomer Center and the local high school ESOL Program. The academic language of high school content courses is extremely rigorous, thus the Newcomer Program will provide opportunities to develop English language skills through content in a nurturing environment. Utilizing intensive curriculum and research-based English language learning methodologies and strategies, the center will offer four courses which focus on communication skills and prerequisite content in science, math, social studies, and language arts.

The center will be located on the campus of West Georgia Technical College at 4600 Timber Ridge Drive, Douglasville GA 30135. The program is a half-day in length, with students returning to their home schools daily to participate in classes with their native-English speaking peers.


The Goals of the Newcomer Program are:

·         To accelerate development of students’ English language and literacy skills

·         To increase promotion and graduation rates

·         To enhance self-image and formulate academic goals

·         To focus on the unique needs of older language learners

·         To integrate students into the social climate of schools

·         To provide supplementary instruction in core content areas

·         To equip with academic and study habits which lead to success

·         To enhance and build a strong school/family relationship

Who is a Newcomer Student?

·         14-20 years of age

·         Recent immigrant to the United States; less than one year in the U.S.

·         Indicates a language other than English on the Home Language Survey

·         Scores 2.0 or less on the W-APT (English language proficiency test) or ACCESS test

·         May have evidence of Limited Formal Schooling (LFS) or interrupted formal schooling

·         Scores 2.1-2.9 - may be eligible based on academic history and parent/teacher recommendations

Additional Information:

·         Students are eligible to participate in all extracurricular activities at their base high school.

·         Transportation to and from the center will be provided every morning and at mid-day.

·         Lunch will be available at base high schools.

·         Students will earn 4 elective credits for the intensive English language courses at the Newcomers Center.





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