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Characteristics of Gifted Students
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Characteristics of Gifted Students
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Ability to communicate ideals and feelings by verbal and nonverbal students:

  • Has command of a large vocabulary
  • Uses words fluently and creatively
  • Dramatizes through use of body language and facial expressions
  • Is quick to respond
  • Demonstrates a flair for dramatic or oral presentations
  • Is eager to relate experiences
  • Expresses ideas with clarity

Ability to interpret ideas and feelings communicated through verbal and non verbal means:

  • Is sensitive to the thoughts and ideas of others
  • Can interpret body language or facial expressions
  • Displays sympathy or empathy towards others
  • Appears sensitive to the discrepancy of behavior in others
  • Appraises quickly and frankly new and unfamiliar people or situations

Adaptive behaviors characteristics of cultural group:

  • Displays a keen sense of humor
  • Demonstrates survival skills by manipulating positive forces and overcoming negative forces in the environment
  • Is resourceful and can come up quickly with an alternative
  • Possesses a sense of adventure
  • Shows a degree of flexibility when situations call for a change
  • Accepts responsibility for actions

Heightened interest in the arts:

  • Demonstrates an awareness of an appreciation for the environment
  • Is involved in a variety of hobbies or has a broad range of interests
  • Appreciates various music and art forms
  • Reads avidly in a wide area of subjects
  • Uses color and form dramatically or uniquely in art

Physical Capability and adaptablity:

  • Has fewer physical and sensory defects or has compensated adequately for whatever defects are present
  • Is physically robust, stronger and healthier in appearance
  • Has well-developed psychomotor skills
  • Has received recognition for physical accomplishments
  • Displays a great deal of energy and vitality

Emotional and Social Leadership:

  • Manifests self-confidence
  • Has a position of leadership within cultural groups
  • In uncontrolled situations, assumes authority naturally
  • Displays emotional maturity
  • Demonstrates social ingenuity
  • Is generally gregarious, outgoing and friendly
  • Has an individualistic personality that stands out from the group

Appropriate application of convergent/divergent processes:

  • Arrives at a logical conclusion based on given information
  • Sees the plausible yet unique alternatives of a given situation
  • More adept at selecting, organizing and retrieving information
  • Able to expand information beyond what is given
  • Displays a keen sense of historical time and can sequentially organize information
  • Pays close attention to detail in the analysis process
  • Can transfer learning readily from one situation to the next
  • Is able to formulate the similarities/differences, the comparison/contrasts, and the causes/effects of objects, ideas and situations

Persistence or commitment to task:

  • Establishes goals that are realistic although challenging
  • Demonstrates determination in the fulfillment of goals; tenacity
  • Is self-disciplined, independent
  • Displays persistent curiosity
  • Has a long attention span

Energetic response to challenging experiences:

  • Produces works that have a freshness, vitality, and uniqueness
  • Often initiates the search for information
  • Desires to learn rapidly
  • Creates new ideas, substances, processes, and mechanical devices (inventor)
  • Is willing to take a risk of failure in new or unfamiliar situations

Ability in process-oriented curriculum:

  • May excel in science and math or other process-related curriculum
  • Seems aware of aspects in the environment that go unnoticed by others
  • Displays some amount of skepticism with new ideas or situations
  • Asks appropriate, thought-provoking questions
  • Evaluates carefully based on accurate observation

*Adapted from Alexander-Muia Behavioral Checklist

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