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Goals for a Middle School Foreign Language Program
Foreign Language Main Page
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French and Spanish Levels 1 and 2 Overview
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Goals for a Middle School Foreign Language Program
GPS - French and Spanish Level I, II, and III
GPS - French and Spanish Level IV, V, and VI
GPS - French and Spanish Level VII and VIII
Proficiency Levels Needed in the Work World
Summary of Research on Foreign Language Learning

  1. The Middle School Foreign Language Program is an integrated part of the whole curriculum.
  2. Instruction includes varied strategies.
  3. Target language is being used for instruction.
  4. Community view of the program is positive.
  5. Teachers are competent.
  6. The program provides ongoing staff development.
  7. Effective support from Central Office coordinator is provided.
  8. The program includes ongoing evaluation of pupil performance as well as program effectiveness.
  9. Program makes a connection between academic aspect of foreign language and real-life language usage.

Foreign language in Douglas County Middle School is a two-year sequential academic course.  Since Middle School Foreign Language is an academic skill-building course, it is important for students to approach every aspect of the course with seriousness and commitment.  Successful completion of two years of foreign language in Middle School will enable students to begin second year of foreign language when they enter high school.  If students begin foreign language in middle school, they will either take the second and third year of that same language in high school in order to meet the requirements, or they may start a different language in high school.  In either case, they will take two years of foreign language in high school, in order to meet the Board of Regents requirement for the University System of Georgia.  Beginning foreign language in Middle School, affords Douglas County students the opportunity to develop skills needed to meet the demands of the twenty-first century.

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