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Ombudsman High School Program
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The Ombudsman High School program is designed to serve high school alternative school students identified by the Douglas County School System as eligible for alternative services.

Eligible students must be enrolled at one of the school system's public high schools and must receive a school level referral followed by central office administrative approval of the referral in order to be interviewed for acceptance into the program.

The program serves students who have been referred to the alternative setting through a tribunal, have been adjudicated or have returned from a Youth Detention Center, or have enrolled from another school district in which the student was served in an alternative school setting but did not complete the alternative assignment. 

Voluntary placements may be available at various times throughout the school year.  If voluntary placements are available, the recommendation for placement must originate with the high school administration that then makes the referral to the central office administration.  The central office administration reserves the right to screen the referral and determine eligibility for an intake interview.  The decision of the central office is final.

Although the focus is on academic classes, some electives and career/technical classes cannot be offered by the Ombudsman Program.  Students who successfully fulfill their alternative school assignment (semester or year/years) at Ombudsman will be eligible to return to their home-base school at the beginning of the next semester.  Transfers from the Ombudsman Program to the regular high school program will occur only at the completion of a semester for the eligible students.

Direct referrals from parents cannot be accepted, and the Ombudsman personnel cannot accept any student without school system approval.

Acceptance to the Ombudsman Program is determined after an intake interview is conducted by the Ombudsman Program personnel.  Students must agree to follow all program regulations, to maintain good behavior, to follow the student code of conduct, to work consistently on assignments, and to attend regularly.  Students must provide their own transportation.

Students in the Ombudsman Program attend class for three (3) hours each day, Monday through Friday, according to the Ombudsman school calendar.  The program provides three separate sessions serving from 20 to 25 students per session.  A student attends only one session each day. 

The sessions are scheduled as follows:

1st session     7:10  - 10:10 AM
2nd session  10:15  -   1:15 PM
3rd session     1:20  -  4:20 PM

Ombudsman and Douglas County School System reserve the right to enroll a student for the session that is most appropriate depending on geographic location of the student's residence and individual class size.

The program is designed to allow students to complete assignments that will lead to earning course credit.  The course credits earned at Ombudsman will be reported to the home-base school at the end of each semester.  Students earn credits toward diploma requirements and graduation in a manner similar to that followed at the regular high school.

All attendance and unit requirements that apply to students enrolled in the regular high school program also apply to the students in the Ombudsman Program.  Students must participate in all standardized and state testing administered to the regular high school students, and the student scores will be reported to the student's home-based school.

Students may earn either an Ombudsman diploma or a Douglas County diploma for the high school from which the student has entered the program.  To meet Georgia diploma requirements, the student must meet the Carnegie unit requirements in specified fields as indicated in local and state policies.  Some of these courses, particularly career/technical lab courses, are not available at Ombudsman. Also, the student must pass all parts of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests and take the End-of-Course Tests required by Georgia.  A student who meets all of the preceding requirements may be eligible for a regular Georgia high school diploma, either college preparatory or career/technical preparatory, depending on the diploma program requirements met.

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