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Parent and Family Engagement
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The Douglas County School System would like to see every parent involved  in their child's education. There are many ways parents can become involved including attending PTA meetings, attending parent meetings, volunteering at your child's school and working with the school principal, staff and other parents to jointly develop the school's Parent and Family Engagement Policy.  In addition, you may be involved by expressing your opinion as you complete the annual parent survey sent home during March of each school year.

Contact the Instructional Lead Teacher or the Parent Outreach Facilitator at your child's school to find out how you can get involved with your child's education. You can also visit the Parent Resource Center located at your child's school.



**Parent and Family Engagement Announcement - May 1, 2018**


The Douglas County School System Title I Department is in the process of reviewing and revising the district's Parent and Family Engagement Policy. This policy outlines how the district will implement programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents and families in Title I programs. The policy will establish the district's expectations for parent and family engagement and how the district will carry out the parent and family engagement requirements. Parent input into the revision of this policy is requested and required. The input form will be active until Friday, June 15, 2018 at 12:00 p.m.


To view a draft of the policy, please click here: 2018-2019 Douglas County School System Parent and Family Engagement Policy draft


To provide suggestions or input into this document, please click here: Input form for the 2018-2019 Douglas County School System Parent and Family Engagement Policy



For more information about Title I and how you can support your child's success in school, read A Family's Guide to Title I (A Family's Guide to Title I is also available in Spanish here).




If you have suggestions to improve our Parent and Family Engagement Program, please contact Patti Sullivan, Parent Outreach Specialist at 770.651.2118 or your child's principal.

For a list of frequently used terms, definitions and abbreviations used in the Title I program, please click here.


For more Parent and Family Engagement information, please visit the Parent Engagement Section on the Georgia Department of Education website






















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