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Activities You Can Do at Home with Your Child



Grocery Store activities:

Count the groceries when you take them out of the bag.

Sort the groceries by cans, boxes, color, size, etc.

Describe the groceries (color, shape of container, size, heavy/small,    

     etc.) & ask your child to describe the groceries.

Go on a scavenger hunt activities in the store.


Games in the car:    

Talk to your child while riding in the car. Talk about what you see.          

     Describe objects as you pass them.

Play I Spy & ask your child to locate different items. I spy a something red & yellow (like the McDonald’s sign).

Start singing a song then pause & ask your child to finish the song.


Activities in a box:                                        

Writing box - for practice with fine motor skills.

Cereal box activities – letter identification & phonemic awareness


Read daily with your child!


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