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Acceleration Procedure
Advanced Academic Pathway
Characteristics of Gifted Students
Continuation Policy
Curriculum Goals
Our Philosophy
Procedures for Determining Eligibility
Programming Standards for Meeting the Needs of Gifted & High-Ability Learners
Referral Procedures
Transfer Procedures


A. Evaluations will be conducted according to the Eligibility Team's recommendations.

B. The Torrance Test of creativity, if recommended, will only be scored by the Gifted Evaluator or TTCT Certified teacher.

C. When evaluations are complete, student eligibility will be determined and the Gifted Program Eligibility Report will be prepared by the Gifted Teacher.


A. Consent for Placement/Continuation Policy will be secured by the Program Challenge Educational Evaluator.

B.  Gifted teachers will write Program Descriptions and conduct annual reviews.

C.  Gifted teachers will maintain an up-to-date portfolio on each gifted student.


Any student who meets the state eligibility criteria for gifted education services in another Georgia School System shall be considered eligible to receive gifted education services in the Douglas County School System.  However, a student transferring from another school system to Douglas County shall meet the criteria for continuation of gifted services according to the Douglas County Continued Participation policy.  Transfer students can be placed as soon as Eligibility has been determined, signed Consent for Placement and Program Description are complete.


A copy of the following forms are maintained in the permanent records for each Program Challenge student:

  1. Notification of Consideration for Program Challenge
  2. Consent for Placement/Continuation Policy
  3. Eligibility Report
  4. Program Descriptions

A Program Challenge Portfolio for every child is maintained by the Gifted Teacher.

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