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Gifted students require a differentiated education because of their unique potential and needs.  They require educational experiences in higher level thought processes: analysis, evaluation and synthesis.  Douglas County Program Challenge, in conjunction with the instructional philosophy of the county school system, recognizes the right of the student to develop to his/her fullest potential.  The ultimate goal of Program Challenge is to help these students become independent learners through question asking and answer-seeking.  Program challenge focuses its scope and sequence of activities toward the higher development of: problem-solving skills, critical/creative thinking skills, research skills, communication and independent learning skills.

At the elementary level, activities are designed to stimulate a wide range of interests in accordance with GPS for high achievers.  The focus of the middle school is on concrete production through problem solving and content-based high achievement.  The high school program further emphasizes content-based advanced achievement.

The delivery models at the elementary and middle school levels are: contracts, interest/learning centers, resource room, collaboration, accelerated math, interest seminars, compacting, advanced content, telecommunications and mentoring.  The services at the high school level include advanced placement classes, joint enrollment, independent study and honors classes in academic disciplines.

Program Challenge's curriculum, environment and strategies for gifted students are differentiated to permit and encourage these students to become quality investigators, producers and evaluators.

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