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Transfer Procedures
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Transfer Procedures

I.  In-state transfers

A.  Request gifted records from previous school

B. Record scores on Douglas County eligibility report

C.  Send parent a copy of

  • Douglas County eligibility report
  • Douglas County consent for placement
  • Cover letter

II.  Out-of-state transfers

A. Request gifted records from previous school

B.  Examine records/test scores to see if Georgia criteria for gifted placement have been met.  If you are uncertain, send the records to the evaluator and let her determine if the test scores meet the criteria.

  • If test scores meet criteria - follow above procedures for in-state transfers.
  • If test scores do not meet criteria - determine what additional testing needs to be done.  Parent consent for testing must be obtained before any additional testing is completed.

Just one additional note:  Some in-state transfer students have not been properly evaluated.  We are bound by reciprocity to serve these students regardless of what mistakes a previous school system made in evaluating a student.  You should record on our eligibility report that testing was completed in another school system and that student is being served due to reciprocity so that there is no doubt as to how the student qualified.  If we are ever monitored, it must be clear why each student is being served.

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