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Gifted services to any eligible student shall continue provided that the student demonstrates satisfactory performance in gifted education classes.

Criteria for evaluation of gifted classroom performance:

·         Completion of assigned tasks

·         Conduct

When a student fails to fulfill either criterion, his/her performance shall be deemed unsatisfactory.

Consequences of unsatisfactory performance:

1.       A nine-weeks probationary period in the gifted classroom is instituted. The student continues to receive gifted services.

2.       At the end of this nine weeks, the student’s performance is reevaluated.

a.       If performance is deemed satisfactory, services are continued.

b.      If performance is deemed unsatisfactory, services will cease for nine weeks.

c.       At the end of this nine weeks, the student will receive a four and one-half week probationary period to determine continuation of services.

d.      If at the end of this probationary period, the student’s performance is satisfactory, services will be reinstated.

e.      If, at the end of this probationary period, the student’s performance is unsatisfactory, services will cease for the remainder of the school year.



I understand the criteria and policy for continuation in Program Challenge.

I understand that my child cannot choose to eliminate this program without my consent.

If Program Challenge services are no longer desired for my child I will submit, in writing, the reason(s) for the requested change.

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