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Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

Douglas County School System implemented a “Bring Your Own Technology” pilot during the fall semester of 2011 at New Manchester High School. As part of this plan, high school students may use personally-owned devices in the classroom to access information from the Internet via Douglas County School’s wireless network. When students log onto the wireless network, they are subject to the same Internet filtering they go through using district-owned computers. 

When in class, students are expected to be focused on learning! Students may use their devices to support the instructional activities occurring in the classroom. Teachers will have the authority to ask students to put away their devices if they feel that their use is not appropriate during an activity, such as when taking a test.  Students are expected to abide by Douglas County School System’s Student Code of Conduct when using personal technology in school.  

The decision to allow a student to bring a personally-owned device to school rests with the parents and students.  We realize that not every student owns a device or may choose not to bring their personally-owned technology to school.  Additionally, there is absolutely no expectation that parents should provide a device to their child for this pilot.  Each high school has carts of laptop computers in classrooms as well as computer labs for student use.  Teachers will continue to use those resources for instruction.   

Prior to bringing a personally-owned device to school, we ask that you read Douglas County School System’s Acceptable Use Policy, which is included in the Student Handbook and then sign the Handbook Authorization Form when your child brings it home.




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